The pictures of the French photographer Arthur Oscar are an unspent tribute to the natural beauty of women.

We discovered him through Curated by Girls and instantly fell in love with his work: “Pictures taken with love by Arthur Oscar” is the name of his project on his website where he presents his artwork. It doesn’t matter if it’s Louise, Colby, Hanna or Paige: Every single picture is a strong mix between vulnerability and expressiveness. The 1982 born Frenchie quit his full-time job to fulfill his dream: To work as a freelance photographer. In “Out of bed”, he manages to take pictures of all kind of women while showing their beauty, combined with a touch of eroticism. Arthur isn’t creating a situation we all know from photoshoots. He focuses on the moment between him and the girl. He allows the girls to just be themselves – no instructions needed: run around naked, read a book, sleep or drink a glass of wine. He’s capturing them how they really are: strong, but also vulnerable. “I can’t say that my pictures are documentary pictures but they kind of are”, he says.

We interviewed Arthur for #girlsforblonde and asked him to answer some questions for BLONDE. The outcome? A new perception of beauty.


1.Why did you decide to photograph only girls in “Out of Bed”?
I didn’t decide it, one day I took pictures of one of my close friend, a pretty redhead undressed on a immaculate snowy rooftop. The series with this girl took off, and soon after more girls were featured in front of my lens.

All my pictures are only analog with no retouch, no editing, polaroids and most of the time natural light. I use this because it’s real and authentic, like a girl going out of bed. I love this vision, there is no lie, no need of mua, stylist, , no snapchat filter…

I’m thinking to photograph some couples too.

2. What do you think is special about women?
They are not men…  

3. How do you create the twist between feminine looks and expressive power?
It can look stupid but I don’t have the feeling to organize a photoshoot or try to create something. I don’t shoot models as we see them in a lot of magazines : a great body + a beautiful face. 

It’s more a moment between her and me. They have no obligation, they can do what they want, run naked or read a book, make a nap, drink white wine… I shoot girls are they are, I don’t want to change them.

I can’t say that my pictures are documentary pictures but they kind of are.

4. Which are your personal demons and how do you deal with them?
At the beginning it was really hard to photograph people, it’s still hard but I try to work on it. I preferred to focus on an ice cream dropped on the pavement, on a stolen portrait at a festival or an insignificant detail rather than to directly shoot subjects face to face. I don’t direct people, I prefer to turn around them and find the best angle.

To respect proportion, perspective and natural light are also in my personal demons list.

5. What’s your message to the girls out there?
Do what you want, be what you are, make me dream… and please say « FUCK YOU » to people who judge you or just ignore them. 


1. What do you do and why do you do it?
I’m a graphic designer and an art director but now the biggest part of my job is photography. I take pictures since I’m a child but I realized not so long that can be my job. Taking pictures makes me happy and I have the impression to pause life.

2. What’s your purpose? Is it a hobby or do you wanna take over the world?
Meet new people, take new pictures, travel for it… It’s a hobby but if I can take over the world, I’m in.

3. Future Projects?
I’m working on a book project and really want to make an exhibition. 


1. How would you describe your style?
I always wear the same stuff : a grey t-shirt, sometimes dark grey, with a jean. If I had to describe it : I will say classical, sober and good for any occasion. 

2. What is your definition of fashion?
Fashion is the art to give more confidence to people with clothes. 

3. Which part of your body do you like most? Explain.
I don’t know maybe my hands, I have quite beautiful hands : thin and long fingers. And to take pictures it’s quite useful.