Arthur Oscar

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A little over two years ago, it snowed in Paris. Arthur decided at that moment to photograph a pretty redhead undressed on an immaculate rooftop. In this almost monochrome ambience, he tentatively started to fight his demons. The series with this girl took off, and soon after more girls featured in front of his lens. Preferring to stay realistic and capture the true atmosphere of a location rather than create something artificial, he abandoned his digital model in favor of his father’s Nikon F3, rediscovering a camera that he had once held in his hands as a child. From then on he began series of photos entitled ‘Out Of Bed’, his subject: girls in a natural and intimate setting, the sleek style bordering on the erotic.


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“Immortalizing fleeting youth”

Arthur Oscar (born December 26, 1982) is a Paris based, French photographer. Oscar’s photographs with little to no artifical light, he prefers natural light, all of the photographs are completely analog.



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Arthur has never seen photography as a final objective, but more as a logical continuation of the different projects that he has been able to take on, notably as a graphic designer and artistic director. He has always had a camera to hand like a travel accessory, a sort of witness to his everyday routine.

He has long preferred to focus on an ice cream dropped on the pavement, on a stolen portrait at a festival or an insignificant detail rather than to directly shoot his subjects face to face. The object lives, in his eyes, which has always allowed him to detach from dealing with the human contact often present when photographing individuals.

It wasn’t until he quit his full time job and went freelance that he started to develop a more reflective approach to his subjects and so he bought his first digital SLR camera, which performed way better than a pocket compact.


Arthur has a particular eye for framing, lighting, and respecting proportions. His vision as an artistic director lives on through his lens and his work evolves in defiance of his one perpetual challenge.

Brands are now approaching him for his work and to collaborate on their image, but the pretty disrobed girls remain part of his continuing personal work. It is a permanent fight that immerses him little by little into the real world, a sensual and erotic universe as soft as a Persian cat.