034/ Garance
for Jean André

Jean André contacted me and asked me if I can put a silk scarf ,he made with Teorema, on a shoot.

I know Garance since 2 years, we worked few times together. I was with her few days before and we were talking about life but also about the fact it can be cool to make some pictures together one day. So it clearly appeared logical to do it with her.


Jean worked a lot for the Pigalle Hotel so I asked to him to manage for us a room.
One week later, Garance joined me to the hotel, we put some music, discussed and obviously made some pictures.

room with a view...

One more shoot with Portra 400.

it's always seem to be a good idea to jump on a bed...

... until the moment you touch the ceiling.

Polaroïds never lie.

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033/ Margot

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